This site provides information on the Communications Services provided by the ATT Foundry network for use in new Innovative projects designed to enhance the AT&T user's experience.

  • The communication functions offered are voip, video, and ip messaging. These services are provided through various sip clients and ATT mobile devices.
  • Developers can create new service concepts and test those concepts out through the exposure of the Call Management API suite. To request a login to access the communication APIs, click the register link on this page.

The primary method users will interact with the Foundry Communication Services are through the exposed APIs. Client accounts for registering and placing calls are required to test new apps accessing the APIs.

The Call Management APIs are simple to use, REST based API’s that provide developers the opportunity to immerse their application into AT&T subscriber’s calling experience.  Your applications can be differentiated by integrating them seamlessly into the AT&T network, thereby inheriting the quality and reliability you would expect.   In addition, it allows the creation of device agnostic mobile apps, opening up the possibility of extending your application to “closed” mobile operations systems, such as IOS.  These API’s can help evolve a standalone service, e.g. Voice over LTE (VoLTE) to a set of sellable and sharable critical features that can be embedded into any mobile application, web application, on any device.   The API categories include Call Direction, Call Control, User Interaction, Call Notification, Self Care, and Call History.